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Bottom Line

BULLYMAKE is a high-end, affordable, super tuff dog subscription box made in America. They pack incredible value in their high-quality toys. Bullymake uses rubber, nylon, rope and ballistic material. Their proprietary toys designed for power chewers can't be found anywhere except in a BULLYMAKE BOX.

If you're in the market for durable dog toys at a fantastic value -- your search should end with BULLYMAKE.

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Absolutely Great Subscription Box!

"7-- Month follow up review. The BULLYMAKE Box is just fantastic. My dog destroys everything and giving him BULLYMAKE toys is a pleasure. BULLYMAKE is exactly as advertised. Cannot recommend highly enough.

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✅  Made in America
✅  Designed for Power Chewers
✅  14-day guarantee on all toys
✅  "Toys only" boxes available


⛔  Toys may be too tuff
⛔  No plush (unless you hate plush, like we do, then this is a pro)


Your dog is a Power Chewer. BULLYMAKE's proprietary, extra tuff dog toys stand up to the jaw strength of our strongest chewers. We've never had to use their 14 day guarantee.

You don't like plush. BULLYMAKE never uses plush. It's dangerous. Your dog can choke on the plush. Unless your dog is just a nibbler, and you give close parental supervision, stay away from plush dog toys.

You want affordable quality. Most extremely durable dog toys cost over $20 each, BULLYMAKE packs over a $50 value in every box.

Your dog chews everything. Whether it's boredom or you just have a high-energy breed, chewing can soothe. The key is, giving your dog the right things to chew. BULLYMAKE toys are not only durable, but designed to keep your dog entertained with interesting shapes and sizes.


🚫 Your dog doesn't like chewing. BULLYMAKE toys are designed for power chewers. If your dog has a weak jaw then 1 toy may literally last forever.

🚫 You care more about other items than toys. BULLYMAKE focuses on toys and treats. If you're looking for collars and other items for your dog, check out a great alternative like PupBox.

Toys 🍖


Bullymake offers 4 highly durable materials; rubber, nylon, rope and ballistic. If you want, you can specify which type of material your dog prefers and only receive that in your box.

    ⭐ Rubber
    ⭐ Nylon
    ⭐ Rope
    ⭐ Ballistic


Bullymake is serious about durability and quality.If your dog has a powerful jaw and loves to chew then bullymake will be your next greatest discovery.

Treats 🥩

BULLYMAKE treats are 100% natural, healthy, and delicious.They even cater around specific allergies your dog might have. If your dog is allergenic, they have a “Toys Only” option for you.

Treats contain the following

    🥩 Beef
    🍗 Chicken
    🐟 Fish

Package and Design📦

The Box

BULLYMAKE has one of my all-time favorite Box designs. The strong brand name in all caps sits proudly on the front with their trademark “designed for power chewers” below. The top and sides have white outlines of various dog breeds. As for the color, you could not ask for a better Orange. It is warm, welcoming and represents perfectly the high-quality, extra tuff toys and nutritious treats within.

The Packing

BULLYMAKE prides itself on design. From the moment you unseal the crisp orange cardboard and lift the tightly fitted top section, you reveal dog imprinted packing paper folded neatly to secure goodies within. Unfolding the top layer presents a sturdy card with a description of each toy on it. Aesthetically pleasing defines the monthly themes, vibrant strong colors and professional touch.


12 in. wide, 5 in. tall and 6 in. deep


Price Summary

BULLYMAKE packs over $50 of value in each box. You get 2-3 toys valued at just under $20 each and 3-4 treats, each about a $5 value. If you subscribe through our links then you can get your first box for $23, then it's just $39 per box.

Average monthly prices we saw as of April, 2020(not including promos).

    ➡ Bullymake $39
    ➡ BarkBox: $39
    ➡ PupBox: $39
    ➡ Chewy: $27


14-day guarantee. If your dog somehow destroys a toy in less than two weeks, BULLYMAKE will send you a new toy better suited for them, immediately, and at no cost to you.


Made in USA?

All BULLYMAKE toys and treats are made in America.

Every single thing you will receive, including the Box itself, is made right here in the USA.

Business Age

BULLYMAKE has been in business for five years.

    ➡ BBB rating - A+
    ➡ Google rating - 4.9

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Summary Review


If you're looking for the best dog subscription box, your search ends with BULLYMAKE. They're veterans in the dog subscription box world, and for great reason.

They have fantastic toys, amazing customer service and they truly one of a kind subscription box at an incredible value.

We hope you enjoyed our site. Our goal is to help you find the right subscription box for your dog. We believe in all of the products listed on our site, and you can't go wrong with any one of them options in 2020. Our goal is simple. Help you pick your best possible online dog box subscription, today!